08 Apr

After work I went to pay homage to Alexander Rud Mills and Evelyn.
I held sumbel to Alexander, reading passages from his book "The Call of our Ancient Nordic Religion" and sharing my own thoughts.

"The Odinist taught that man is born into certain circumstances with certain powers and opportunities, with certain capacities, with certain desires, and with a certain vision which shows him and brings him his Gard in God. There in his Gard is his place, his road, his fulfilment, his inspiration and the sphere for his holy exercise in his life.

Every man has his Gard in God. He has his place wherein to serve and exercise his genius, to reap his harvest and to live and work with Odin and God. In a man's Gard is his privilege and his reward, for his rights and his duties are equally beautiful. And there he can find happieness and peace."

- The Call of our Ancient Nordic Religion -

Hail Alexander Rud Mills!

Hail Our Folk!

Hail the Gods!


Gothi & Hearth Guardian

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