05 Aug

Südhimmel held its Ancestors blot, sumbel and bbq feast last night in what can only be described as beautiful winters night, 5c with a little drizzle under a gibbous moon; hearth and guests venerated family past and present, recalling stories of past glories, love and times of joy; Bringing the memories of our ancestors into the present where they live on through us, as our deeds will live on through our future generations.


Gothi & Hearth Guardian 

" Ancestors, you rose at dawn, you toiled in the dirt, you sweated in the sun, you chilled in the cold, you numbed in the snow, you have sown so we might reap, you fought for our future, you created our culture, you created a legacy of strength, of honour, given a wealth of knowledge; 

All these, were won by sweat, toil and blood! 

Forebears, let us hounour you, by using well your gifts to us! Ancestors, let our lives shine forth your works and build on them. Respect your ash, but more important, keep and feed your living flame."

Hail the Ancestors!
Hail Our Folk!

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