05 Aug

Before holding our Ancestors blot and sumbel, Südhimmel held a dedication of banner. 

For over a decade we have flown our Südhimmel standard, strong and proud, this standard will remain; Members have felt a great change coming, the wolf age is ramping up, and with this change we raise a NEW HEARTH BANNER, a new standard, ever united, ready for the great journey a head, leading us to victory! 


Gothi & Hearth Guardian 

Some will rise and others will fall;

Strong is our standard;

Banner of our Southern Sky!

Südhimmel Banner (general summary).

Sun Wheel.

Sowilo (S): Sun. Success. Honour.

Black: Darkness. Winter. Death.

Green: Nature. Growth. Vitality.

White: Purity. Victory. Life.

Gold: Justice. Harvest. Gullinbursti.

Red: Blood. Protection. Strength.

Oak leaf. Forest. Midgard.

Edelweiss flower. Mountains. Asgard.

2264RE. Est


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