03 Dec

Südhimmel held our Festival of Life blot, sumbel & bbq at the sacred stone circle.
A fantastic day was had by all well into the evening.
Blot felt quite powerful and our sumbel, wow!
Before we headed off to the bbq, members exchanged a number of gifts.

Gothi & Hearth Guardian

I seek no retreat from life
Eagerly do I meet each veil
Secure in the blood of my kin
Tempered by the will of my Gods
Glorious civilizations of an eternal aeon
Course through the now of my being
Of this radiant treasure divine

No man, race or nation
Shall ever distance me
Though into ruins
Earthly splendor may fall
What care I?
Should I stand alone?
For in that dazzling light
Of Wotans eye

Ancestors of a thousand ages
Bear witness
To my deeds in time
And fill my cup
In Valhalla--

Hail Balder!
Hail Our Folk!
Hail the Gods!

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