22 Apr

Jordvolk Hearth and Südhimmel Hearth.

Today was day two of a grand visit by a beloved brother from South Australia, Gothi of Jordvolk Hearth.
Day one we had discussed going for a mountain trek through the forest and finding a nice spot to hold blot.

We arrived at the edge of the forest; standing at the forest edge I gave a Landvættir call, making all aware of our presence and our intention.
As we treked through the forest we soon relized how peaceful and calm our surroundings were, the occasional bird noise and flutters in the branches above, sound the the wind.
We had been trekking for 90 minutes or so, stopping every now and then looking for somewhere to hold blot, but after quite a bit of seaching there seemed to be very few areas that we felt would be a good place for blot. We retraced our steps back up through the forest stopping once more looking at a small clearing that looked promising, however we soon decided it also didn't feel right; as we set back off I found an old beer can on the ground and we dicided to take it with us and find the appropriate place for it. Continuing on for another 10 minutes or so I saw what looked to be a red stake or something laying on the ground, but we soon saw that it was a rake..? in the middle of the forest?
we both laughed and said well we're looking for a clearing, now we have a rake lol. again we continued walking for about another 50 metres and we both just stopped, looked at each other, then looked again, there was an area built up with sticks into a largish circle, I looked at my brother and said "witches" we both laughed, yeah wiccans. My brother said "looks like we have found our spot" we laughed again.
We tidied up the area and set up for blot.
After we did a cleansing ritual on our seleves we entered the circle and held blot (Jord Blot). Jordvolk Gothi lead the ritual and we said our rites. The blot had an amazing energy and we could not help but look back at each other at times knowing we could both feel the energy rising around us. After blot and sumbel we stood in quiet meditation for about 10 minutes until we both heard the sound of twigs breaking all around us, we turned our heads looking everywhere but could not see anyone.. I laughed and said "bro, it sounds like little twigs breaking, maybe it's little folk coming to say hi" he smiled and we faced forward again. another 5 minutes went by and I said to my brother " have you notice all the small birds landing in the branches around us?"
we watched these little birds fluttering from tree to tree for a few mintues until they all seemed to stop and so did the wind, everything went quiet. we stared ahead at which point a tree out in front of us to right suddenly moved, one of the sturdy stif branches moved in a downward direction at least 5-6 inches then sprung back up, it was very noticable as our surroundings were dead silient and we saw it clear as day; then no less than 3-4 seconds later the branch below it did exactly the same thing and again, 3-4 seconds later the branch below it also moved in a downward direction at least 5-6 inches then sprung back up.. three braches one after the other? I turned to my brother and said " maybe the little folk are trying to get a better look at us?", we both smiled and left the circle. After putting our shoes and socks back on we headed toward a path leading out of the forest.
As we began to exit the forest I had this overwelming feeling that I was being accompanied by something, there was this intense energy all around me and after about 10 metres I asked my brother if he could feel anything, to which he described a very simaliar feeling, there was a presence with us.
We took a short drive to our next location and had a bbq lunch.
While we were waiting for the sausges to cook, I said "bro, I still feel that energy around me", to which he said, "same bro".
We ate and chatted, fed some native birds and headed home.
What an AMAZING day.

PS: There was so many more unexplainable events during our trek through the forest, way too many to name, believe it or not, this is the short version of our forest trek and blot day.
PSS: We felt that our journey was guided/directed to our final blot location by unseen forces.


Gothi & Hearth Guardian.

Hail Jord!

Hail Our Folk!

Hail the Gods!


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