27 Jan

Südhimmel held our Harvest blot with a Landtaking ritual at the sacred stone circle.

Harvest blot is a time for reflection as we look back on all the hard work that has been achieved; clearing, planting, building, painting, the list is long..

The fruits of the Harvest have been collected.


Gothi & Hearth Guardian.


There be apples on the trees,

An' there's fishes in the sea,

Whilst the taties be lie'n on the ground.

Aye, the garden looks all right,

An' the flowers still be bright,

Tho' the hoe'n caused some cussin' I'll be bound.

There be turnips big an' white,

An' the greens, they too look right,

Whilst mar'ers big be lie'n all around.

We've laid up a goodly store,

Tho' 'tis true our backs bin sore,

But we've grub enough to last us,

an' some more.

Aye, the good old earth be right,

Tho' we be daft enough to fight,

When there's always pleanty wait'n at the door.

Hail Thor, Sif and Frey!

Hail Our Folk!

Hail the Gods!

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