20 Apr

A few members of Südhimmel Hearth held a Hengest blot and sumbel in the Südhimmel Grove.

Südhimmel Hearth members are now members of The Odinic Rite and we are also a recognised AOR Hearth of The Odinic Rite.

After blot members enjoyed a feast with plenty of folk and faith related chat.

Unfortunately not all members could attend today due to some unforeseen circumstances.


Gothi & Hearth Guardian. 

"Hengist and Horsa, (respectively d. c. 488; d. 455?), brothers and legendary leaders of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers in Britain who went there, according to the English historian and theologian Bede, to fight for the British king Vortigern against the Picts between AD 446 and 454. The brothers are said to have been Jutes and sons of one Wihtgils. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle says that they landed at Ebbsfleet, Kent, and that Horsa was killed at Aegelsthrep (possibly Aylesford, Kent) in 455. Bede mentions a monument to him in east Kent; Horstead, near Aylesford, may be named for him. The Chronicle says that Hengist began to reign in 455 and that he fought against the Britons; it implies that Hengist died in 488. The historic kings of Kent traced their direct descent from Hengist, although the Kentish royal house was known as Oiscingas, from Hengist’s son Oeric, surnamed Oisc (or Aesc), who is said to have reigned alone from 488 to 512.

Hengist may perhaps be identified with the hero of this name mentioned in the epic poem Beowulf in connection with a tribe called Eotan (probably Jutes)."

Hail Hengest!

Hail Our Folk!

Hail the Gods! 



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