30 Dec

Südhimmel held our Midsummer blot and sumbel at the sacred stone circle.

Blot started with a rising energy which continued to rise well through to the end of blot and sumbel.

The powerful experience was felt by all and noted by all, we had a feeling of a great presence omong us.

On leaving the sacred circle for our journey to the feast site, all members were visibly excited to what we had all experienced.

After our bbq feast, which was filled with chat about what we felt earlier, we headed to another site for the lighting of the fylfot.

A truly amazing day 🙂 

Gothi & Hearth Guardian


Raise our spirits, Balder,

As the old gods raised our ancient stones.

Their silence speak in volumes,

In hushed and muted tones.

All hail to thee, Balder,

Shining God of Asgard and our folk!

Hail Balder!
Hail Our Folk!
Hail the Gods!

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