23 Sep

Südhimmel held its Ostara blot, sumbel and bbq feast today on the Spring Equinox, giving reverence to Ostara. 

Her radiant and glorious beauty was on show for all to see, it was truely amazing and awe inspiring, lifting the energy of all during the blot and sumbel.

After holding blot and sumbel we headed to the other side of the mountain for our bbq feast; good food and drink with plenty of folk related chat. A Fantastic day!

Gothi & Hearth Guardian

"The messengers of Spring have once again returned;
All hail to Lady Ostara, Goddess of Spring!
As the season blossoms, by your holy grace,
may our spirits grow ever stronger like the mighty oak."

Hail Balder!

Hail Our Folk!

Hail the Gods!

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