24 Mar

Warm and sunny, a perfect day for a mountain hike with the dogs.

Solo blot & sumbel today due to hearth members having prior commitments, work, family etc.


Gothi & Hearth Guardian.


I saw the pallid corpse of the dead Sun

Bourne through the Northern Sky:

"Balder the Beautiful is dead!'

Balder the Beautiful,

God of the Summer Sun,

Fairest of all the Gods!

Light from his forehead beamed,

Runes were upon his tongue,

As on the warrior's sword.

They laid him in his ship 

with the horse and harness,

As on a funeral pyre

Odin placed a ring upon his finger

And whispered in his ear.

They launched the burning ship.

It floated far way

Over the misty sea,

Till like the Sun it seemed

Sinking beneath the waves.

Balder returned no more.

Henery Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82).

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